Types of digital tools you can use in the classroom

There are many different types of digital tools available for use in education environments. The access you have to digital tools will depend on the context in which you teach and learn. For this discussion, we classify digital tools into the broad categories of: digital devices (which enable access) digital content digital programs digital platforms … Read more

What is gamification?

Learning environments that are fun and engaging rather than ‘dry’ motivate learners to pursue and take charge of their educational outcomes. Because positive attitudes to learning foster positive teaching and learning environments, gamification in education has become an important concept and has seen teachers find innovative ways to introduce game design elements to the classroom. … Read more

Mobile learning

Cheaper mobile devices, coupled with the boom in educational app development, mean that many learners in developing countries can now access quality educational media outside the classroom. An increase in mobile access in these markets has enabled educational technology businesses and non-profit organisations to broaden education, taking learning to learners’ daily commutes and homes. What … Read more

What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy can be defined as the ability to understand and engage with information and communication technology. Digital literacy is used in a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Digital literacy consists of the skills (both cognitive and technical) and knowledge and behaviours necessary to evaluate and communicate information in an … Read more

What is digital education?

Defining digital education Digital education uses electronic tools to create, store and process content and information to enhance teaching and learning. It is the teacher’s role to choose the electronic equipment and devices that complement their teaching approach. The decision that a teacher makes on what digital tools to use to achieve what outcome is … Read more