What is gamification?

Learning environments that are fun and engaging rather than ‘dry’ motivate learners to pursue and take charge of their educational outcomes. Because positive attitudes to learning foster positive teaching and learning environments, gamification in education has become an important concept and has seen teachers find innovative ways to introduce game design elements to the classroom.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a term that means to turn an experience into a game-like process by using elements of game design. The term refers to using game-like interactive lesson design to encourage learner engagement and motivation in an educational context.

Gamification in education

How is gamification being used in education?

There are several ways game design elements are being used to build positive learning experiences. These include:

  • implementing reward systems (such as earning badges and points, similar to how online gamers unlock achievements to display – a form of ‘bragging rights’)
  • creating leader boards
  • creating unlockable content (further modules that are only made available when specific challenges and conditions are met)
  • diversifying learner roles by providing role-playing choices within a gamified environment.

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